January 17 - 20, 2019 Eureka Springs, AR



Headliners of Ozark Mountain Music Festival 2018

Friday Night Headliner: Tall Tall Trees

OzMoMu~5, the 2018 version of the annual Ozark Mountain Music Festival, has just announced its headliners.  Tall Tall Trees will take the main stage of the 1905 Basin Park Hotel on Friday Night during the festival’s four-day event scheduled for January 18-21.

“To say that Mike Savino is an innovator would be an understatement. Touring under the moniker Tall Tall Trees, the banjo-wielding bard has reshaped the landscape of what is possible with the instrument. On stage and in studio, Savino breaks down the banjo into its most basic iteration, reminding audiences that the banjo is, at root, a drum. Coupled with his mastery of electronic effects, loops, toy ray guns, and heaps of spontaneous creativity, Tall Tall Trees has been encapsulating audience members worldwide with his mystifying solo shows, as well as playing alongside fellow innovator Kishi Bashi.”

For more information on Tall Tall Trees visit: http://talltalltrees.com/

Saturday Night Headliner: Carrie Nation and the Speakeasy

“A high-energy “Brass ‘n’ Grass” sextet from Wichita, KS. The band, whose sound has been described as “…a stagecoach in overdrive”, has brought their eclectic blend of bluegrass, ska, punk, and dixieland to packed clubs, basements, and festivals across the US since their inception in the spring of 2007.”

For more information on Carrie Nation and the Speakeasy visit: http://www.carrienationandthespeakeasy.com/


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